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Let GAB Electrician help you take care of all your electrical needs. You can always count on us to deliver quality service, right when you need it.

Electrical issues can manifest in various ways, although quite often, they usually don’t just sneak up on us suddenly. So, if you notice that your circuit breaker trips regularly, some cords appear frayed or close to the point of damage, or any such tell-tale sign, the best time to swing into action is now.

If you’re looking for an experienced electrician in and around Watford to help you identify and fix all electrical problems in your home or commercial space, don’t look beyond GAB Electrician. We are known and highly regarded for our experience and expertise, and we guarantee utmost peace of mind. 

Our electricians are well-trained, experienced and fully licensed. We respond swiftly to calls, and we work smartly to fix all problems with your electrical system rapidly, to ensure that your schedule doesn’t get too badly disrupted. You can count on us for sterling and quality service for any of the following tasks:

As soon as you notice that your electrical system isn’t working optimally, you should try to get it checked out and fixed as soon as possible, to forestall bigger problems in future. And when it comes to that, you should also resist any temptation to do it yourself. For starters, it’s energy and time intensive, and more critically, it’s unsafe; it is fraught with the risk of fire and electrocution. 

We recommend that you entrust all electrical repairs to licensed professional electricians. When you let GAB Electrician handle all your home electrical problems, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the best hands are taking care of the job. 

We value your satisfaction more than anything else, and we’re willing to work to ensure that we leave the best impression with you after our engagement. In addition, we won’t leave you in the dark, both literally and figuratively. We place a very high level of significance on clear communication, so we’ll ensure that we keep you in the loop at all times. 

Our electricians have an in-depth knowledge of leading industry trends and we undergo periodic training to ensure that we retain our edge. We complement our innovative, cutting-edge methods with the right equipment to ensure that we resolve all electrical problems decisively, swiftly, and efficiently. 

Don’t let those electrical problems linger, hoping against hope that they’ll go away on their own. They almost certainly will not. Nip them in the bud quickly and effectively by reaching out to us at GAB Electrician today. We’re always at your service, and we’ll tailor our solutions to suit your specific requirements.


When it comes to the integrity of your home or commercial electrical system, it’s best to leave nothing to chance. Electricity is such an integral part of our lives now, it’s hard to tell just how badly our lives would be disrupted without it. It’s best not to let things get to that point, don’t you think? The best way to ensure that you don’t get to find out is by being both proactive and reactive with your electrical system. 

So, when you type “electrician near me” in a search engine box, ensure that you only choose an electrician agency with proven pedigree, and with experienced and licensed professionals. Look out for an electrician agency like GAB Electrician. We’ve built a reputation for surpassing expectations, and we practically guarantee complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Have you recently moved into a new home or apartment, or you’re carrying out major renovations and you’re in search of trusted home electrical contractors to take care of your electrical system? Let us handle it for you! You can call on us for any kind of electrical task and we’ll deliver with our trademark distinction. 

One thing that sets us apart from other electrician contractors, apart from our unquenchable passion and drive for excellence, is our commitment to, and connection with our customers. Our customers are our biggest resources and we’re not afraid to treat you as such. That’s why we’re ready to go above and beyond board to ensure that we leave you satisfied. That’s our entire business model, and it’s worked well for us so far. 

We won’t sell you gimmicks, we’ll keep our words always, and we’ll treat you with the respect that you deserve. No matter what, you can always rely on us to be straight with you.

Why Use Choose Us?

We're Quick To Respond

When your electrical system acts up, we understand that you want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s why we ensure that we’re accessible whenever you need us, and we show up on time. We also work smartly to make sure that we fix those problems very quickly.

Competitive Pricing

Our services are priced very competitively, yet that does not in any way negatively impact the quality of our service. We operate a very transparent pricing system that makes our services accessible to all kinds of budgets. Further, we’re upfront with you about our pricing, and we’ll never try to upsell you during the course of the engagement.

Licensed and Well-trained Workmen

With us, you’re in no danger of entrusting your electrical system to half baked electricians. Our workers are fully licensed and well-trained, fully capable of executing any task assigned to us with complete dedication and expertise. With us, you get to experience complete peace of mind.

Proven Pedigree

We’ve been servicing the Watford area for several decades with nothing but excellence to show for our efforts. Our company boasts proven pedigree and mettle, and a reputation for excellent service delivery.