Outdoor Socket Installation

Outdoor Socket Installation

Ever imagined an outdoor party where you have to drag about 20mm long music box wire from the kitchen? Horrible right? Or you are the type who do mostly outdoor work but have to go through the stress of pulling the power cord from the basement. Yeah, you can always save yourself the effort and hazard of electrical shock from pulling and dragging on the wire by having an outdoor socket installed in your home or garden.

There will always be a need for an outdoor socket, especially with the rise in device usage and the use of electrical gadgets like the lawnmower.

It will also give you the chance to have all of your music box, lightings and smoke machines connected on a spot while ensuring your safety.

outdoor socket

Meanwhile, outdoor sockets should be done strictly by a professional because of your safety, and the installation has to be done in agreement with building regulations. It is good if you have a basic knowledge about electricity, but you should hire a professional, as there are technicalities which can only be understood by an expert in this field.

Just before you start installing your outdoor socket, you have to include a residual current device (RCD) which would save you from electrical shock. In case of a replacement, you may want to include it too, all in compliance with the IEE Wiring Regulations. For these, you would need a certified person who would handle it with utmost professionalism and care.

Socket Installation

An outdoor socket will save you time, energy, and from tripping over because you have all your equipment safely plugged closer to where they are needed.

You will be at peace of mind when you have to entertain large guests or host outdoor parties.

Hiring experts like GAB Electricians would help you actualize these and will do you a lot of good, because they will also help you determine the required load of the socket, the best power supply for it and also determine if there is a need for a new connection or it can simply be connected to the existing one.

These teams of professionals work effectively, ensuring your safety to profile top-notch results. Yes, our fees are quite affordable too.

Our Services

We give the best  of the following Installation services

  • External socket installation.
  • Installing weatherproof electrical socket.
  • Repair of outside sockets.
  • Fixing weatherproof electrical sockets.
  • Repair of broken sockets.
  • Repair and fixing of wiring.
  • Maintenance of lighting systems.
  • Installation of pool or spa wiring
  • Correction of an electrical code violation.

We render these services as soon as we are contacted, even in cases of emergency, we still deliver mind-blowing jobs.

Why Choose GAB Electrician ?

With over a decade of experience in outdoor socket Installation and the best team of well-trained and certified persons who are more concerned about your safety rather than the money, you can rest assured that you will get the satisfaction of a job well done.

We use quality products and adhere to all of IEE wiring regulations. 

Contact us today and let us work things out, which you will not regret.

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