Fuse Board Replacement and Earthing

What is earthing in electricity?

It is rightly critical to understand what Earthing entails – beginning with its definition as “the method of transmitting the instant electricity discharge directly to the ground through low resistance wires or electrical cables.” Why do you require earthing? In simple words, the main essence is to prevent the peril of electric shock which may result from current flowing through undesired pathways from the ground. More so, it is done to prevent an increase in the potential of a conductor (beyond its planned insulation) in respect to the ground.

Let’s bring it home; earthing protects your building and equipment from serious damages and breakdowns as the quality of power supplies into the building can be significantly corrupted should the earthing be faulty. This is why the job, however simple, requires skillfulness. GAB Electrician has the know-how and required devices to properly plan and skilfully execute this job.

fuse box wiring

Wiring a Fuse Box

Some of the services GAB Electrician offers to keep you, your building and appliances safe are wiring your fuse boards, changing fuses (even in modern fuse boxes), changing fuse wire, etc. The company is adept in both old and new (or modern, if you like) fuse boards, making her a trustworthy friend in moments of power crisis aversion or management.

Electrical Fuse Board

What is a fuse board and why should you bother replacing it? You may know a fuse board as an electricity board or a mains fuse box; it is designed to distribute electricity around your house and to offer protection services. The fuse board consists of three main parts: the Main Switch which allows you to switch off power supply to the house. The second is like it: Residual Current Devices (RCD) which is used to disconnect a circuit from power supply in situations of electric fault. The third part is the MCBs or Circuit Breakers which automatically cuts off a circuit when an electrical fault is detected.

You should replace fuse boards for fire protection, electric shock protection, and for additional circuits for more appliances. It should take GAB Electrician a day to replace your fuse board and test it to ensure everything is in fine working condition, although it may take a moment longer should the electric meter be located away from the existing fuse board.

  • Electrical installation: whether new installation or addition of extra power to a significant rewiring works, it is only wise to employ the services of an electrician because doing it the right way is of utmost importance, lest your wires get crossed and well… you know the plausible outcomes.
  • Emergency work: whether it was a DIY project or not, there are signs that should not be joked with, such as sparking, power overload, overheating, etc. When you notice such alarming triggers, you should immediately reach out to electrical service providers to arrange an emergency attention before the problem gets out of hand and likely cause damage to life and properties.
  • New house: well, no DIY network offers information on how to wire a new house. If there is, I kid you not, run away from such information. New houses require intensive rewiring work that only trained electricians should handle. A well-done job can last you years, keeping your building, appliances and family safe. Should there be a need to remodel your house, ensure to still employ the expertise of skilled electricians to prevent issues like power overload.
  • Commercial and industrial work: industries require huge power supply to keep their powerful machinery up and running. Such a delicate set-up requires a skilful electrician (more like a company of skilful electricians, like GAB Electrician) to handle.
  • Electrical inspection: GAB Electrician would keep your mind at rest by performing the following to keep your home’s electrical system safe: assessing switches, sockets and other fixtures, inspection of the fuse board, and identifying any circuit overload. With some years of experience under the belt, you can count on them like a counting machine.
  • Security systems: an electrician can meet your needs and supply solutions for your security needs by installing CCTV, alarms, and so on.

Fuse Box Replacement UK

You should also call for the services of GAB Electrical when you notice the following scenarios: arcing or cracking noise from switches, burning smell from switches, fuse blowing without cause, lights going dim when using appliances, no lights or sockets working, older style sockets and switches, switches tripping, etc.

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