Full/Partial House Rewire

Full/Partial House Rewire

Rewiring a house whether full or partial is no easy feat. Electricity is quite important in a home, however, it can also be dangerous. This is why it is necessary to conduct electrical checks on your home once in a while to ensure no naked or loose wires are hanging dangerously around. 

Having a full or partial rewiring of your home is like changing the electrical structure of your home. It involves replacing some or all of your electrical components such as electrical sockets, circuit boards, consumer units e.t.c.

When trying to rewire your house, either partially or completely, it is imperative that you hire qualified and expert hands as electricity is an important affair that should not be handled with levity. 

Rewiring is one of our areas of specialisation, we can undertake both full and partial rewiring, we can also help do a review of your electrical components to determine whether you need rewiring or not.

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How to Rewire a House UK

Rewiring your home is allowed in the UK, however, it must be handled by a competent and qualified hand. However, the building control at the council must be notified, they will also come to check and inspect the work as it goes on. This is to ensure public safety and ensure that your electrical components meet the necessary standard. 

As a result of this, you cannot undertake to do a rewiring of your home yourself unless you are a qualified electrician.

Wiring a House UK

It is a statutory regulation that only a competent and qualified electrician should carry out electrical installations,  this is for safety reasons. The first step is usually to turn off the main switch in the consumer unit before the wiring of the house takes place. 

Then, the necessary electrical components and wires can then be installed. And after all the necessary installations, the main switch in the consumer unit which supplies power to the house is switched back on.

Electrical Rewire

Electrical rewiring basically entails making sure your home is safe electrically and also in line with electricity regulations. When this is not so, you might have to carry out an overhaul of your electrical system which includes changing wires, sockets and other electrical components.

How Much to Rewire a House UK

The price varies according to the situation you find yourself in, it also depends on the side of the house. The cost of rewiring a house in the UK varies between £2500 and £3500.

Home Rewire

The rewiring of a home is a herculean task that can be quite messy. It should be done during the renovation of a home to reduce the stress. You’d have the walls drilled, floors removed and even the ceiling removed also. 

It entails changing cables, sockets, switches and other electrical components.

When to Rewire a House

You know you need a rewiring when your electrical components start malfunctioning constantly, for instance, burning smell, electrical shocks or sparks can indicate that you need an overhaul of your electrical system. 

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