Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Installation

Getting a house today is more about the gadgets which make it a smart home, than its exterior features, price, or location. Most people will rather opt for a smart house located at a hilltop than a condo that is not automated.

A fire alarm system is unarguably one of the most essential smart home electronic devices which helps homeowners detect a fire or emergency, and it has been saving lives since as far back as the ’80s. Its major function is to alert people in case of a fire or emergency, by ringing off or giving out smoke warnings.

They also give out signs of troubleshooting in case of wrong wiring or connection. This is why you need someone to help you understand the system better, and help fix the troubleshooting, to ensure your safety and durability of your system.

fire alarm

A fire alarm system is of two types; a manual that needs human assistance to operate, and an automatic system that could function on its own. Whether manual or automatic, they have a common mode of operation, which are detection, controlling, monitoring, and alerts of fire and they carry out this function through various devices and channels.

According to research, there have been cases of wrong fire alarms due to poorly installed systems or improper wiring, and this is why it is important to get a professional to help in the Installation.

At GAB electricians, we put our best foot forward always by giving your installation professional handling, bearing in mind your safety and pocket.

As one of the best electricians in Watford, we aim at customer satisfaction while maintaining our integrity by providing you with our well-trained experts who are readily available as soon as they are summoned.

Fire alarm systems can be installed in both homes and offices.

Our Services

We offer various range of services both at home and in offices, giving you the best without breaking the bank. We also provide solutions to any electrical-related problems. 

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Smoke detector installation.
  • System maintenance.
  • Audibility of voice evacuation system.
  • Fixing of fire alarm control panel.
  • HVAC system regulations.
  • Fixing of fire notification devices.
  • Maintaining primary power supply.
  • Fixing backup power supply.
  • Changing of batteries.
  • Buzzers repair.
  • Fixing the heating smoke detector.
  • Changing of camera.
  • Repairing damaged sensors.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Repairing wrong wiring.
  • Fixing a poorly installed system.

We offer all of these services and more through our finely selected experts when you contact us. We serve you well and best.

Why GAB Electrician?

We offer the best services with our team of experts who work efficiently and deliver effectively within hours of putting a call across to us or sending a mail.

Openness is one of our core values, and we portray this in every one of our services.

We offer a wide range of installation as well as smoke detector installation and are highly skilled in handling emergencies. We are well tested and trusted and we have testimonies bearing this record.

Contact us today and you will not regret doing so.

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