Electric Vehicles Charging Point Installation

Electric Vehicles Charging Point Installation

The world is gradually evolving from gas-powered cars to electric-powered cars. These cars usually have a charging station where their power is charged so that the car can function. Unlike gas stations which are usually for public use, you can have a charging point installed in your home for your private use. At GAB Electrician, we boast the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to carry out this task for you.

Just as you charge your mobile phone and other smart gadgets easily, you can easily charge your car too without any fuss. This also allows you the liberty of charging your car anytime you like, you can charge it during the night and use the car during the day or vice versa, as you wish. 

It is equally cost-effective as you don’t have to visit a public charging point every now and then to get your car charged.

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Electric Car Charging Points Installation

Although you can equally charge your car with a regular household outlet, the downside is that the charging speed will be quite slow in comparison to an electric car charging point. Thus, the best move will be to install an electric car charging point. 

The installation of an electric car charging point must be done by professionals who are quite versed in the act. Most times, you would need to consult your car dealer, however, we are equally experts in this field. 

We install all types of electric car charging points. All you need do is contact us, we would take care of everything else. From finding the best spot to locate the charging point to advising you on the proper type of charging point to install. We have the expertise and technical know-how required to pull off this task. 

The charging point is usually installed in the wall of a garage. There are generally three types of electric car chargers: 3 kilowatts, 7 kilowatts, and 22 kilowatts. Your choice would depend on the type of electric car you use. 

A car with high battery power would also require a charger with high charging power.

Electric Car Charging Points Installation Cost

The cost of installation varies, it all depends on the type and quality of charging point you want. However, the cost of an electric car charging point varies between $1100 and $1300, this includes both the cost of the charging points and the cost of the electrician’s services.

Home Car Charging Point

Installing a charging point at home requires a professional and expert opinion, an ordinary electrician cannot just carry out this project, rather an electrician who has the necessary experience should be your target.

The location of the charging point is quite important, if it is far away from your home’s electrical sources, wires would be needed in order to bring electricity to the proposed charging point. 

Garage modification is also another factor, the charging point must be in a place that is well protected. If you do not have a conducive space for this, you might have to build one or modify your garage to fit the purpose. 

Electric car charging point installation is quite important now, contact us today at GAB Electrician to install your electric car charging point. 

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