Domestic Electricians

Domestic Electricians

Every home is connected to a power source, allowing its inhabitants to use devices such as lights, appliances, water heaters, and computers. For this to happen, wires must be run through the home’s walls to connect outlets to a breaker box, and the breaker box to an outside power source.

GAB Electricians has a team of professional electricians that will run the wires through the home, install the breaker box, and make sure everything is ready for the power company to connect the home to the main electrical lines outside.

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What Do We Do?

GAB Electricians are trained to handle all your electrical wiring and connections in your residential setting.

We handle both full electrical works and minor works. Typical tasks we can professionally work on include:

  • Installing light fixtures, appliances, and ceiling fans
  • Diagnosing and repairing the electrical failure
  • Rewiring older systems and bringing dwellings up to code
  • Installing additional outlets
  • Fixing or testing security systems
  • Appliance safety testing (particularly in rental properties)

GAB Electrician is assigned to the upgrading of wires and breaker boxes in both new homes and older homes.

Houses built before dryers, computers, and televisions were common are not always wired to handle such a large amount of electricity being used at once.

For this reason, we often require box upgrades so a higher wattage of power can be used without overloading the breaker. Sometimes in very old homes, the wires themselves will become worn and must be replaced to prevent malfunctions in service, or even worse, house fires.

As said earlier, GAB Electricians will wire residences during the construction phase, conduct repairs and upgrades in existing homes, and perform regular electrical maintenance to ensure homeowner safety.

Home Electricians

Home electricians help in installing additional outlets, fixing or testing security systems, and various types of wiring you want to include in your household.

A crucial role we play in GAB Electrician is conducting safety checks. Someone with no previous knowledge might not be skilled to identify whether some things in their surroundings can be potentially harmful.

There is a surplus of security measures regarding day-to-day duties. GAB Home Electricians know the inward and outward of all these regulations, and we are mindful of the various building codes attached to installing electrical gadgets. 

In such a circumstance, your initial opinion should be to contact us at GAB Electrician.

You don’t have to risk crashing your appliances while trying to install them or climbing up ladders trying to fix your electrical problems. Don’t worry about your issues regarding your electrical problems, we have got you covered.

Whatever your needs may be, the reliable experts at GAB Electrics will be always delighted to talk over your project and we will resolve any issues or concerns you may have throughout the whole of your project.

Grab your phone and give us a call, if you are searching for who to fix up your lighting or ceiling fans, or anything that deals with your residence area! We are always delighted to help!. We are eagerly expecting your call. We cannot delay working with you!

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