Data Cable Installation

Data Cable Installation

Everything is going digital, and everyone is adapting to it well. These days, you don’t need to exert so much effort to access the internet. You can easily do that on your mobile phone right in the comfort of your room.

Nevertheless, there are some electrical appliances and gadgets that are not swept away by technology, nor losing their relevance. One of them is the data cable.

A data cable is an electronic device that conveys information in the form of binary signals from one system to another.

Data cables are faster and better than the common wireless fidelity(Wi-Fi) connection in the sense that they thrive well despite distance or external forces.

There are different examples of cables, and here are some of them;  networking media cables(Cat5&6), telecommunication cables(Cat2), and media devices. The common USB cable falls under the last category. These cables all support high network speed as high as 10 Gigabytes, which is required for most home computation and surfing the internet. Cat 6 is distinct to Ethernet though.

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Choosing which cable is compatible with your home or office is not enough, you still have to choose the appropriate jacket to house your cable.

There’s the plenum jacket which can withstand a high level of temperature in case of fire and is suitable for offices. Its fire resistance makes it possible for it to emit non-toxic smoke during a fire breakout.

The other jacket is the non-plenum or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which has the same features as Plenum, just that it is not fire-resistance, and it’s suitable for homes.

There are other factors to consider during data cable installation, which can only be handled by a professional. This is why you need to check out directories for data cabling companies near me.

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After picking out your cable, jacket, and where you would want to have it installed, the type of ceiling in your building is the next factor to be considered. The drop ceiling is the best and easiest to work with when you are trying to conceal the cables. 

The hard and open ceiling which is common to most companies and some few homes is quite difficult to work with installing a data cable. For this, you require expertise to help you handle it with fewer difficulties and time.

GAB Electrician is one of the best teams of experts that offers the best installation services ranging from data cable installation to data cabling and network cabling installation.

Our Services

We offer the following data cables installation services and many more at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Data cable installation.
  • Network cable installation.
  • Data cabling.
  • Fixing of cable jackets
  • End to end testing
  • Fiber optic installation
  • Hardware repair and fixing
  • Data cable repair.
  • Consolidation point repair

With our teams of well-trained professionals, you can be assured of safe and proper handling of your devices and other electronic gadgets during installation and repair.

Why We Are The Best Fit?

With our professional in-depth knowledge about installation, we handle it well and best and are always available in case of an emergency. We are not limited to data cable home installation only but are at the ready for offices and companies installation too. All without breaking the bank. Why not try us today and let us begin the journey into an exciting installation game.

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